Web Scraping, also known as data parsing, is a common method of obtaining relevant information from the Internet. This is done using specialized software. This software automatically collects the information according to the specified parameters and then structures it into a file that can be used for further analysis. This method can be used to collect statistics, the cost of different offerers, as well as data about products in catalogs.

Parser software technology

Web scraping is a popular way to do business online. Here’s how to gather and process the information:

  • The user launches the software and downloads the web addresses for the resources to be analyzed.
  • It is possible to compile a list of keywords, phrases, numbers, and blocks that can be used to search for data.
  • The robot visits the sites indicated and collects information about key expressions.
  • The data is then saved to a file as a table. You can also define the output format.

It is possible to quickly obtain a variety of information through scraping. The user can quickly fill in the data and activate the software.

The purpose of parsing

Many web users use the web to gather information. Parsing web resources is often necessary for business purposes. It is often difficult and time-consuming to search and analyze large numbers of sites on the internet by oneself. These are the tasks of web scraping:

  • The automated mode is better for analyzing texts and other information from competitors’ websites on a subject.
  • If data is needed about a person, product, or service, specialized software may be used to run the program and analyze the results.
  • It is a great way to stay on top of new products and promote your products by looking at competitor websites.

Web scraping is a powerful tool in the competition. Other methods to quickly obtain reliable data are slower and don’t always yield good results.

Web Scraping using a proxy server

Proxy servers are essential for running good parsing programs. Proxy servers are necessary to handle large numbers of requests from one IP address to a site. Most anti-fraud systems detect the increase in requests from one host and treat it as a DDoS attack. This blocks access to the site.

You can only make large numbers of requests to a site by changing the IP address. This bypasses anti-fraud protection for web scraping and allows the network user to access valid data without being blocked.

Many resources offer additional protection against the copying of data into tables. It is impossible to obtain the data in a usable format on your own. This limitation can be bypassed by programs that use specialized proxy services to gather the required output on-demand in any format.

What to choose between paid and free proxies?

Numerous proxy servers are available on the Internet, both for free and for a fee. Because most resources are already on the blacklist, the first version is not useful for parsing. You will be blocked from accessing the resource or required to enter the captcha manually if you attempt to use these services.

Paid proxy services are the best choice for scraping. You just need to select a proxy that matches your preferences and parameters. The information will then be collected automatically without any problems. Technical support for such proxy proxies can be reached within five minutes if you have any questions.

How many proxies should I use for scraping

The number of proxy servers used will vary depending on the needs of the user and the characteristics of the sites being accessed. Standard web resources allow between 300 and 600 requests per hour from one IP address. These inputs should be used to calculate the number of proxies that can be rented. A single anonymous IP is usually leased to handle approximately 450 requests for a website.

Is parsing legal?

Many software tools are available for web parsing. They use open-source programming languages for this purpose. You can purchase the appropriate software from a website scraping development company, and then make some modifications. Scraping is legal. No one prohibits you from downloading or using the content as long as it is accessible online.

It is possible to parse without restrictions by purchasing a pool of IP addresses. You can quickly gather information about the products and their prices using specialized software and anonymous IP addresses.

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