What Is A Furnace Gas Valve? How Your Furnace Gas Valve Works, Troubleshooting Tips, Replacement Costs, and More

Definition of Furnace Gas Valve

A furnace fuel valve is a thing of your furnace’s gas system. The furnace gasoline valve opens and closes, which approves the glide of fuel to the pilot mild and burner(s). While the issue itself if truly an alternative simple, a furnace fuel valve is an integral section of your HVAC system. Furnace gasoline valves are solely viewed on gas-fueled compelled air furnaces or gas-powered boilers. There are additionally gasoline valves placed inside gas-powered warm water structures or fireplaces.

How a Furnace Gas Valve Works

There are genuinely two valves that make up your furnace’s gasoline valve, and they are located in series or one after the other. The furnace gasoline valve operates with the aid of electromagnets. The most important valve — additionally regarded as the protection valve — elements fuel the pilot light. The 2d valve — additionally recognized as the major valve — lets in fuel to waft to the burner trays.

The thermocouple (or thermopile) generates the electricity and holds the protection valve open. Additionally, the thermocouple stays immersed in the pilot mild flame. Without enough heating of the thermocouple or thermopile, the furnace gasoline valve closes. As a result, this cuts off the grant of gasoline to the pilot light. Ultimately, the thermocouple acts as a security mechanism that prevents fuel buildup inside the home.

A 24 VAC transformer (or the thermopile) powers the most important valve. This valve approves fuel to drift to the burner trays using a good deal large tube than the pilot mild valve. Additionally, the valves are established in collection with all of the different furnace protection controls. As a result, if the device detects a problem, then the circuit interrupts itself. During this process, the device shuts off energy to the principal furnace fuel valve, whilst nevertheless retaining the pilot mild valve open.

As the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace gasoline valve opens and closes. This method keeps the preferred temperature inside the home. Plus, this diagram helps alter the strain of gasoline flowing into the furnace.

Types of Furnace Gas Valves

There are a few sorts of furnace gasoline valve systems: fuel chain, consisting of a guide valve, solenoid valve, and pilot safety; and an aggregate gasoline valve. A fuel chain valve machine requires the owner of a house to manually flip a valve deal with to open or shut the glide of fuel to the furnace. A solenoid valve opens solely when the furnace calls for heat. As a result, fuel solely flows if all the different valves in the machine are open. Plus, the pilot security valve solely stays open if the thermocouple or thermopile heats to a positive temperature by using the pilot flame. It can be manually overridden to relight the pilot light, however, in any other case operates with the aid of electromagnets as described above.

The mixture gasoline valve received recognition in the Nineteen Sixties and performs all the features of the gasoline chain in one package. It incorporates a valve knob or handles, regulator, thermocouple, electric-powered terminals, and a solenoid valve. As science has progressed, aggregate gasoline valves have fallen out of ordinary use, with their job now being carried out by way of digital ignition controls or built-in furnace controls (IFCs).

Troubleshooting Furnace Gas Valves

If you assume your furnace fuel valve is no longer working, there are a couple of steps you can take to troubleshoot the trouble and slim down the root cause.

Check to see if the pilot mild is on. If not, observe the manufacturer’s guidelines for relighting the pilot light. It might also take a few seconds after relighting the pilot mild for the fundamental valve to have ample energy to remain open.

Check to see if the thermocouple or thermopile is producing adequate voltage to maintain the security valve open. If not, you can change it. Also, take a look to make sure the different security mechanisms inside the circuit are receiving enough voltage. If this doesn’t restore the problem, you will want to substitute the complete furnace fuel valve.

Cost of Replacing a Furnace Gas Valve

If you want to exchange the fuel valve in your furnace, expenses will range relying on the make and model, as nicely as your place as labor prices fluctuate relying on the vicinity and even the season.

Although many house owners troubleshoot heating issues, the pleasant choice stays in session with a certified HVAC expert if your furnace isn’t running properly. They are specialists who can get your warmness returned up to you and walk rapidly and safely.


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