Where is the best place for the GPS tracker be placed inside a vehicle? Our insider tip

Do you own a GPS tracker for your car or have plans to install one? This device installed on your vehicle can be a powerful deterrent to theft. Once set, it permits you to track your vehicle’s location and track every move it makes.

However, you must be aware of how to hide this tiny light source within your car’s passenger zone! The location where your GPS tracker should be installed in your car and do you need to be aware of it? By following our smart suggestions, you can cover your GPS tracker with the ease of a professionalWhy should your vehicle include a GPS tracker?

It is true that car thefts are not uncommon. More than 122,000 vehicles were stolen in China just in the year 2021. This is nearly one flight every 4 minutes!

The most dreadful thing about everything? The fact is that less than half of these vehicles are found. There are a lot of modern-day tools to secure your car which includes

  • Locking of the Flywheel
  • Alarms for Burglars, as well as glass etching

Systems for electronic immobilization.

These methods typically help stop burglars who are less experienced. However, they do not prevent the most brutal and organized thieves from getting involved. When your car is stolen, you can feel helpless and insecure.

All you have to do is examine the facts and hope that police will find your vehicle. The function for the GPS tracker will only be interesting at this precise level.

Trackers offer the benefit of locating your vehicle’s location to allow you to react in the event of theft, although it isn’t able to stop thefts in the first place (although there are some features that can help lower the risk of theft, like the real-time anti-theft alarm in Invoxia GPS Tracker). Invoxia GPS Tracker).

The GPS location of the vehicle are helpful when it comes to theft as they help law enforcement officers make their job simpler. Your chances are greatly increased of locating your vehicle because of this!

Furthermore, as previously stated, some GPS tracker models can notify you in real-time whenever your car is seen to be moving suspiciously. This way, you can respond more quickly or even stop theft due to these alerts.

First, you need to make sure that your tracker is well hidden to make sure that thieves can’t locate it! It is therefore essential to determine where you can install the GPS tracker for your car for a fee!

Installing an auto tracker areas to stay clear of

Let’s begin with the places that you shouldn’t install a tracker on the car prior to deciding which locations to put it.

First, keep any areas from your vehicle which could be heated while it is running. This will extend the life of your plotter and help prevent issues caused by excessive heat. There are two main heating sources inside a car:

  • The exhaust system
  • The engine compartment for the engine.

It is important to know that the vast majority of GPS trackers are designed to function in temperatures of that can reach 70 degrees Celsius. The combustion engine in contrast generally reaches 90degC, and then exhausts at more than 400 degrees Celsius!

Your device isn’t waterproof, or does not have the proper IP certification. In this case, keep clear of any area that could be contaminated by moisture device (windscreen or wheel arch etc.). It is possible to put your device in a small, waterproof bag for protection if you require it.

Our GPS auto charger tracker at Daovay has an airtight enclosure that is exactly the right size for it. Our small tracker is waterproof and IP67 certified.

Does the GPS plotter has a magnet? Be aware that magnetic particles can hinder the function of the tracer!

Check that the magnet in your magnetic tracker is strong enough to stop accidents and loss that result even if you have already invested in the device.

In addition, any areas that are glaringly obvious must be avoided, like the central storage compartment , or places in the windshield that are recessed.

The factors to be considered to cover any GPS tracks

Finding the right place to place your GPS tracker for cars charge in your vehicle is essential for it to function. An GPS tracker that’s evidently visible won’t provide any assistance since the criminal will notice immediately and steal it from the vehicle without waiting. In the end there is no access to any technological tools to track your vehicle’s location.

So, you should take into consideration a range of factors when choosing a website to hide your geolocation data:

discretion: In your car, the tracker must be as unnoticeable as possible. The more obscure it appears to thieves, the more effective it’s more obscure and difficult it will be.

accessibility: Based on the model you have, you might have to charge your device more often or less often if it relies on batteries. So, it is crucial that your chosen location is not visible and easily accessible so that you don’t get found. In reality, if you find it difficult to get to your hiding spot can be difficult to access, then you could delay charging your device.

In addition, as you’re well aware, a gadget that is discharged won’t be useful for you, in the case of theft.

Daovay’s GPS tracking device, for instance, is equipped with an impressive battery life that can last up to six months prior to needing to be connected. This is enough to not need to recharge your device constantly and remain safe!

The method of operation: Whether your automobile is moving or not, a tracker equipped with batteries will benefit from the benefit of being able to locate it. In contrast, the tracker that connects to your vehicle’s OBD socket is only functional only when the engine is in operation.

Be careful! Your device will be able to be removed by a burglar making it impossible for them to locate your car.

Are you aware of exactly how the Faraday cage functions? It is created when a metallic cage or box protects your body from electric and electromagnetic energy. The box is therefore not able to leave or enter the cage.

The waveforms generated by plotters that permit the transmission of GPS coordinates are also covered in the same theory. So, in order to allow the waves to move in a proper manner make sure that your tracker isn’t completely enclosed in steel.

To avoid the Faraday concept of the cage, you should place your tracer in a place that is free of any metal at all times. As an example, it is best to recommend against putting your bike inside a metal box or in the space just over the tank.

This way the interference will be less as well. Your GPS receiver will then be in a position transmit its signals for geolocation.

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