SmiHub: Avail Instagram Story Viewer (Updated 2022) (Updated 2022)


Social is the best way of communication and sharing your best moment of life with your friends circle or globe. Today there are many platforms available that you can use for sharing your photos, stories, reels feelings, and many more.

One of the popular platforms is Instagram this platform is also used for revenue. There are many tools available for enhancing the feature of Instagram one of them is “Smihub”.

What is SmiHub?

SmiHub is an online Instagram story viewer and editor that help to view Instagram profiles without any external login. So, we can say that the SmiHub is one of the best Instagram story viewers globally. Further, Smihub merged into Dumpor. So, the Dumpor is representing of SmiHub.

Are you want to keep eye on your loved one without getting him informed? If you are interested to know what kind of stuff or whom your loved one is following on Instagram, then smihub is the app for you.

This app allows you to keep a glance upon your family members or friends without letting them know about you.

All you need is just the person you want to know about his proper Instagram id. Simply browse the id on smihub and you can watch his stories, posts, and followers.

Benefits of using Smihub:\sKeeps you unidentical: One of the best features of smihub app is to keep you secret. This tool allows you to watch the content of the other person on Instagram without having an account on Instagram. You can view your friend’s profile without an Instagram account.

Unlimited Downloading: Smihub allows you to download and save photos, videos, and stories from Instagram.

Free to use: Another marvelous favour of the smihub is its free availability. You can avail of all of its best features without a subscription or any charges.

Easy to use: The smihub interface is user-friendly and you can easily use it. Simply write the id in the search bar and the list of the people will be open.

Viewing profile picture: You can view a full-size profile picture on smihub however this feature is lack on Instagram.

The drawback of smihub: With the vast features there are some drawbacks to using smihub.

  • Only view comments do not allow you to write comments on posts.
  • Only view the public story private stories are not allowed to be seen.
  • Not allow you to send message
  • Tagging is not allowed.
  • Latest Alternatives of the Smihub
  • If you are searching for the Latest alternatives to the smihub then stop searching and follow the below content, here we collect and mentioned the all best alternatives of Smihub:

Qoob stories

  • Instalkr\sInstagram story audience
  • Ingramer\sinstaDP
  • All these apps are alternatives and competitors of the smihub.

How to download videos and photos through Smihub?

The interface of the shrub is quite easy to use. There are a few simple steps from which you can download your favorite videos and photos from install.

Visit the official smihub website.

  • Then in the right top corner, there will be three small lines click on that.
  • Before following the above steps first, you need to copy the specific post link.
  • Download from the Instagram option will appear.
  • URL paste search bar will be open paste the coped link there and click on the Process button.
  • After that, you will be landed directly on the post-containing page.
  • There will be a download button click on that the post will be successfully downloaded.
  • Features of Smihub
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure.
  • Free of cost
  • Save and download options
  • Search everything you want\sAnonymous
  • Analyze Instagram content.
  • Copy pastes trending hashtags.
  • Why use Smihub?
  • There is a number of apps available on the internet now the question is why you should choose smihub?

Smihub is a free app with a bulk of features. You do not need an account or signup to using smihub. It is totally free to use. Apart from all these functionalities, it is fully safe and secure.

This app is quite different from Instagram as per its some feature like you cannot view full-size profile pictures on Instagram. Smihub also offers an unlimited downloading facility. Unlimited copy pastes trending hashtag facility on just your fingertips.

Monitoring feature

The main feature of the smihub is you can keep eye on your loved one completely. This feature is the most beneficial feature for parents. With the more use of social media, parents are worried about their kids.

Smihub is the solution for parents with this app parents can keep a glance on their children’s activities over Instagram.

Final verdict

Smihub is the stalker app. With this great app, you can monitor your loved ones and friends. This app is free to use you can use it without having an account.

FAQs about SmiHub

Is there any difference between Instagram and smihub Instagram?

Yes, there are features that make them different from each other. You cannot make comments and tag someone through smihub. Similarly, you can use smihub without making an account on it.

Are there any charges for using Smihub?

Smihub is free to use. There are no charges for using smihub.

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