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RDXHD is a piracy movie website where users can enjoy the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telegu Films. RDXHD is among the sites that are the top torrent site around the world. Since this is the website that allows users to access the latest movies released with HD prints. There is no other torrent site that could offer that. A majority of people visit this website since there is no other site that doesn’t upload the most recent Telegu, Tamil, Bollywood, and Hollywood films before RDXHD. Although the torrent website is prohibited from Google for the United States for uploading copyright content. However, all laws of the country are not the same. People are still able to use RDXHD until 2022. To learn more about the procedure, go through the article until the very end. Enjoy the process.

How to Install the RDXHD App?

Are you uncomfortable with surfing? Utilize the RDXHD application to make your process easy and enjoyable. The app can assist the viewers to ensure that everyone is comfortable viewing or downloading a film. Apk is a better alternative to the website. Apk is more relaxed than the website because it has a lot of pop-up advertisements, however, in contrast, Apk doesn’t carry any type of advertisements, which makes it simple to download the most recent movies with RDXHD Apk. Click the download option to download the Apk file.

Download RDXHD APK

Information About RDXHD APK

The RDXHD application has numerous features. If you download the app. You will notice the difference between the website and the app. The download speed of the app is much faster than that of the website. The app does not display any pop-up advertisements. It’s, therefore, more convenient than the site. I’d suggest you use the RDXHD application.

Size of File 3.09 MB
Version v3.0
Requirements Android 4.0 & Above
Languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
License Free

How do I access the RDXHD Film Download Site?

As you are aware, RDXHD is an online video piratey site that is illegal. To address this issue of piracy, RDXHD must face a variety of blockages due to piracy issues. Therefore, some countries are unable to access RDXHD. Follow the steps below to get access to RDXHD.

method for mobile:

  • The first thing to do is must have first a VPN to switch your location. We’ve put together a list of recommended VPN applications for you. Choose one of these VPN apps available on your Android device.
  • Once you have installed the VPN app, launch the application and choose the country of America. The United States. Then, I’d advise you to check your IP address.
  • Then, if the IP address changes, go to the official site of RDXHD. Once there, you’ll have full access to the RDXHD website. You can now select any film to download.

Method for Desktops:

  • If you’re a user of a PC, you may choose to use Chrome Browser. If you don’t already use Chrome, install it. On a mobile device, you must install a VPN application, but for your Desktop this is different. You must install a VPN extension.
  • I would recommend using TunnelBear.
  • Once you have installed Setup VPN connect the location to the United States. This VPN does not require registration, making it very simple to use.
  • After connecting to the new IP, visit the official website of RDXHD and you’re ready to go.

How to Download Movies From RDXHD?

RDXHD is a site for piracy you must be aware that pirated content is not legal. It’s a crime that the government has a law that prohibits this type of activity within the United States. If you access the pirated content you downloaded you’re also contributing to this crime. Therefore, I suggest you go to the movie hall and view the authentic content on the large screen.

You can also get an account with Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar Prime. If you’re still looking to make use of RDXHD you will need to follow the download instructions in the following.

Follow the Below Steps to download RDXHD Movie

  1. The first step is to start by opening RDXHD within your browser. When you open the website, you will see the most recent uploaded films.
  2. Utilize the search bar in RDXHD it will be displayed on the homepage search bar. Enter the title of the film you want to download using the search box. When you do that, you’ll be presented with a search result. the search result. You will be able to find the film you wish to download.
  3. Since all the websites are torrents and illegal. Therefore, to earn cash they display pop-up advertisements. You will have to see these advertisements when you visit the site. You’ll see up to five pop-up advertisements. If you cut them one at a time, it’s easy to get rid of these advertisements. If you’re a Computer or Laptop user you could use an ad blocker Extention to block pop-up advertisements. Simply go to the Chrome Extention tool and look to find “AdBlocker” and you’ll discover it quickly.
  4. After removing all ads, you’ll be able to see the thumbnail for the movie. Just click it and play. Keep in mind that these torrent sites let you watch the latest films on the internet.
  5. However, if you do not want to stream the film online and you simply would like to download it, you’ll find the download link under the movie’s content. Click on “Download” and the download will begin within a matter of minutes. However, if you’re a Computer or Laptop user, you can make use of the “IDM” Application to speed up the download speed.

RDXHD The New Link for 2022

In this instance, we’ll examine the size of different RDXHD areas where you can move Hindi Hollywood motion footage in HD as well as new Telugu films for 2020, South Dravidian motion footage transfer, new picture transfer 2020, and on.

Below are the latest download links for RDXHD. If you’d like to download your favorite movie with one click, use the following list provided below:

rdxhd1.kim apk RDX HD.min
RDX HD.1kim RDX HD.in
www.RDX HD.bit Rdxhd 1kim

What is the reason RDXHD is Blocked in the United States?

Since the time the administration’s actions were being investigated, the legal cluster was blocked and removed the RDXHD on the site from Google. The reason behind the blockage of RDXHD is the law that governs the United States, but the story doesn’t end there. We all realize that there’s not only one domain name similar to this one. The domain name is one of the thousands operating for the benefit of film uploading websites. People are watching these videos by visiting these torrent websites.

While the father of the founder (RDXHD) is prohibited, similar websites want to replace it, such as RDXHD 300Mb RDXHD latest movies RDXHD English Dubbed films as well as others. You can make use of this site to download the latest Tamil and Telegu movies in HD. We recommend that you not use this website to visit the cinema auditorium and enjoy the actual content. Because viewing copyright content on torrent sites is not legal. Therefore, it is better not to make use of this type of torrent website.

Is it safe to Utilize RDXHD?

Recently, Google has been able to block RDXHD into the United States. Therefore, it’s impossible to access RDXHD in the United States. Because in nations such as the USA & India Piracy is prohibited. In any event, the laws aren’t particularly demanding for those who download or view motion pictures. It’s not common to examine anyone who has been captured to download or distribute pilfered movies on the internet. The bulk of films has been made to allow the transfer of the pilfered content online.

11 Best Alternatives to RDXHD

Similar to RDXHD certain websites allow users to download the most recent movies online. However, all of them aren’t so well-known, and some websites don’t perform as they should. How do you know which one is the best option for RDXHD? This is why I’ll recommend the top 10 options that are extremely useful to you.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a movie pirate site that hosts pirated content. It allows users to download the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood films. Pirate Bay is a torrent site that has been in operation for a long time. Users use pirated content to entertain themselves and for various other purposes. However, it is important to know that pirated content is illegal. This isn’t suitable for the public. Recently, Google has been able to block Pirate Bay from uploading pirated content, which includes copyright legislation. In violation of copyright law, Pirate Bay is not available online. It’s the best replacement for RDXHD I would recommend that you make use of this website. Putlocker is a site for piracy where you can download all sorts of films. Download movies from Putlocker for free of any cost, it’s free. If you’re a movie enthusiast and are looking for a site where you can download the latest films, Putlocker is the perfect spot for you. We will talk about how you can watch Putlocker online.2. Putlocker

Utilizing the Filmywap site, you could get movies downloaded from Hollywood & Bollywood movies. The site also offers an application you can make use of. With Putlocker there are some unique aspects it is not only a website that offers old films but also offers Hollywood and Bollywood films. It’s pretty much like RDXHD it’s great when you utilize this website.

3. YTS

YTS is the best site to stream online movies. A lot of websites offer movies however there’s a unique aspect of YTS that lets you do two things with this site. YTS lets users download films and also allows users to view the content live online. You can also find a variety of websites that permit users to view the content on the internet. However, on a different website, the user must deal with any buffering problem.

However, YTS is one of the biggest servers, so there’s no need to worry about buffering. Additionally, there is an enormous factor in that greater than 100 English films are being released every week. But, audiences aren’t getting the films after their release date. However, YTS can do this easily. YTS can upload the latest English films faster than another site. It is therefore recommended to use YTS for the latest Hollywood and Bollywood films. YTS is the most favored option for RDXHD.

4. 1337x

1337x is a pirate site that uploads pirated content to the internet. The site is quite well-known for its movie download. The site offers a variety of content, including Hollywood and Bollywood films. The site was created just a few years ago, and it’s still functioning. Although they faced several obstacles related to piracy they were able to overcome them quickly.


1337x is a well-known brand because they’re the only one that is known for its upload of new content. Although 1337x is not accessible in several countries, it’s expanding rapidly. There is a proxy server that can be used to unlock the website. By using this RDXHD alternative, using a VPN can be helpful.

5. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents. is the most-searched-for torrent engine to download movies songs, software, and videos for no cost. The maximum country block KickassTorrents due to the high rate of pirate takedowns, and a lot of countries have taken out of the TPB down. There are no worries, certain developers have developed proxy services to allow KickassTorrents. We’ve listed a few proxy websites above to assist you in accessing KickassTorrents. These proxy sites have been tested, and each one is SSL tested and extremely fast to use. If you use this RDXHD alternative with a VPN it can be beneficial.


RARBG is an online platform for the piracy of movies. RARBG was founded in 2008. In 2014, it was the most frequented torrent site in the world. Since this is the place that allows users to download the most recently released films with HD prints. There is no other torrent site that can offer this. The majority of users interact with this website since it is the only website that uploads the most recent Hollywood & Bollywood movies before RARBG. It’s an excellent alternative to RDXHD I hope you achieve better results by using it.


The majority of movie buffs are aware of EZTV. Millions of users visit the website each day. However, the site is blocked by several countries because of piracy issues. Therefore, when a user attempts to access the site from a country where access is restricted, the user will see the website as blank before him. In this case, the user believes that the website isn’t functioning. But it’s wrong. If a user would like to access the site from a permitted country, the user will reap the benefits. EZTV works perfectly. It’s an excellent alternative to RDXHD I hope that you achieve a better outcome with it.

8. Go to Movies

GoMovies is one of the largest and most viewed torrent sites. The site provides third-party releases of the newest films. However, GoMovies was banned numerous times due to piracy concerns, but they were able to get an entirely new domain name. GoMovies is an alternative to ExtraTorrent. GoMovies is also been described as a piracy website for movies that uploads pirated content. It allows users to download the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies, among others.


GoMovies is one of the torrent sites that has been operating for several years. Users use pirated content to enjoy entertainment and various other reasons. This site is listed among one of the most popular of the top 10 film download websites. However, the site has had to face some pirate issues. It’s also banned by several different countries. It’s an excellent alternative to RDXHD We hope you’ll have a better experience by using it.

9. KatMovieHD

Katmoviehd is an online video piracy website. It’s pretty well known among movie enthusiasts. Katmoviehd is the only website that uploads the most recent Hollywood & Bollywood movies faster than any other movie hosting service. Its Katmoviehd website was launched just a few years ago. It is working hard to offer users the latest content. But, it is important to know that the site has to confront a variety of piracy problems. This is why the website is blocked in several countries. Although the website is facing numerous blocks, it’s striving to be a success. It’s an excellent alternative to RDXHD I hope that you can get better results by using it.

10. Movierulz

Movierulz is among the websites that have been the top torrent site on the planet. This is because this is the website that allows users to access the latest movies released with HD prints. The only torrent site can offer this. The majority of users interact with this site because it is the only website that uploads the most recent Bollywood & Hollywood movies before Movierulz. The site that hosts torrents has been prohibited in the United States by Google within the United States for uploading copyright content. But, all countries have laws that are not the same. People can still access Movierulz. It’s an excellent alternative to RDXHD I hope that you achieve better results by using it.

  1. Couchtuner

Couchtuner is the USA specifically designed website on which you can stream the latest television and movies. Couchtuner provides the most recent English movies more quickly than another site. It’s the best suggestion for Hollywood film lovers. It is recommended to make use of Couchtuner to stream the newest Hollywood films on the internet. Couchtuner is the most well-known choice for RDXHD.

Frequently Asked Questions About RDXHD

Some questions pop up to you, how do you make RDXHD function? What is the way RDXHD functions? Do you think it is safe to make use of RDXHD? What is the reason why RDXHD has been blocked in India? What is the reason why RDXHD not functioning? What exactly is pirated content? Why is it wrong to download Pirated Movies From RDXHD? Which languages are accessible in RDXHD? How do I access what is the Traffic Report of RDXHD? How can I utilize RDXHD without advertisements? What can you do to access RDXHD with no VPN? You will find all of the answer questionnaires in the following article.

What is HTML0? How does RDXHD function?

RDXHD is among the most popular movie downloading sites in India. It has been in operation for a long time and has a huge team that gathers the latest content and makes it available faster than any other site. There is an inquiry in your head about the reason why this website provides pirated content to its customers and what’s the profits. When a visitor visits the site, they have to be confronted with advertisements. RDXHD offers a variety of advertising sponsored by the company. If a user can give an impression of the ads, the owner earns the profit. They mostly provide pirated content to make cash.

What exactly is the Traffic Report of RDXHD?

As you may know, RDXHD is a very well-known movie download site. Many millions of users are using RDXHD each day. Based on Cutestar.com there are more than two million who people visit RDXHD every month across different countries. The website hosts more than 15000 pages that are crawled by Google. The site is quite famous the present. The traffic report isn’t accurate as it gets modified every day due to specific reasons.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: 42,030

Alexa Rank India: 1603

Average Duration of Visit: 1:43 Min

The Bounce Rate is 75.97%

How do I make use of RDXHD without advertisements?

When you visit RDXHD the user will be confronted with ads that pop up that automatically load on your browser. The ads are extremely annoying because of this, the majority of users are unable to download the films and they then quit the site. To fix this problem, you should follow these steps. In the beginning, if you’re a PC user, you may include an extension to block ads. However, if you’re an Android phone user, you could download an adblocker application through the Play store. Its Extention & app will block ads from loading. Then you can utilize the RDXHD easily.

How do I utilize RDXHD with VPN?

If you’re using RDXHD from a country that doesn’t have access to RDXHD you will need the VPN to connect to the site. As you are aware, if you look up the Google Play Store you’ll find that the maximum VPN offers millions of downloads and all server speeds are slow. Furthermore, the majority of VPNs aren’t secure, therefore the users need a secure way to download films from RDXHD. There’s a second option which is through proxy servers. A proxy server is an untrusted third-party server that downloads the file on your behalf and provides the content directly to users.

Note: Unfortunately none of the proxy servers are active online. When the proxy server is active. We will make the update by entering the list of proxy servers.

What is the reason RDXHD isn’t opening?

The vast majority of movie buffs are aware of RDXHD. Many millions of users visit the website each day. However, the site is blocked by several countries due to piracy concerns. When a user tries to access the site from a country where access is restricted, the user is presented with an empty page before him. In this case, users think that the website isn’t functioning. But it’s wrong. If a user wishes to access the website from a permitted country, the user will reap the benefits. RDXHD is working perfectly.

What is the reason RDXHD is so famous?

RDXHD is extremely well-known in India due to its dynamism. RDXHD has been in operation for many years and is working difficult. RDXHD will always leak a movie before the release date. You know that when the film was released, everyone wanted to see it quickly. But, they don’t have the time to go to the cinema since they aren’t able to spare much time. This is why users use RDXHD to stream the most recent movies. This means that the user can access the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies on the internet at no cost.

What is pirated Content?

If a person uploads copyright content without the consent of the content owners on film downloading websites, it’s considered to be pirated content. In the eyes of the law in India uploading content that is pirated is completely unlawful. When someone is caught doing that, it is considered to be a crime. If someone commits that crime, they must be punished for it. There was a time when the law was silent regarding video pirates, but the issue has made it more difficult for law enforcement to prosecute If someone is found guilty of this, is sent to prison. However, every country’s laws are different. A lot of countries have laws that allow pirated content. However, we advise you to not access this kind of torrent website because it can be illegal as well.

What languages are supported within RDXHD?

Many millions of websites operate on the internet, however, each website has a variety of categories and languages. The RDXHD lists languages. See this list below of the language options included within RDXHD 2020.

Languages Available In RDXHD:

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Telugu
  4. Kannada
  5. Malayalam
  6. Telugu
  7. Punjabi
  8. Marathi

What’s the problem with HTML0? Download Pirated Films From RDXHD?

Every week, a variety of films are released in Bollywood and Hollywood. People want to experience this original content at no cost. They use the service RDXHD to stream the latest Bollywood films on the internet. However, according to the laws of India, the practice is illegal since uploading content from another person and selling it to the client without permission from the owner is a violation of copyright. A few years ago, there was no law to stop this kind of crime, but as of 2020, the Indian law the government is extremely severe. If someone is guilty of this kind of offense, government officials must ensure that they are penalized for it.

Penalties for the Uploading of Pirated Movies:

  1. Three years in prison.
  2. Pay a fine that can be up to 10 lakh rupees.
  3. For 3 years in prison, you must be fined up to 10 lakh rupees Both.

It’s a lot of work to create an entire film, it takes time to create content. When a film is released, it’s hard to build your box office earnings however, when the movie is published on torrent sites the movie loses a significant number of people. The film’s director and the producer of the film will be liable for a huge cost for this. Additionally, certain films in the mud for this offense. Because people would like to know the story of the movie. When they look at the hall prints of any movie, they have an understanding of the entire story. Once they know the story, they do not want to visit the cinema and revisit the film HD prints.

Yet, a lot of people are involved in this type of crime. However, these guys need to be notified because simply to make money, you shouldn’t just copy content from another’s. People might ask those concerned that watching films on torrent websites “is it a crime?” It’s not the individual who uploads the video and shares it, that person is guilty but the viewer. Therefore, the viewers can be at ease “no need to be concerned” however we recommend that you attend a movie and enjoy the original film do not use these kinds of torrent websites.

Final Words on RDXHD

All the latest films are released in RDXHD quicker than on any other site. RDXHD is among the top active uploading sites for movies available on the internet. Therefore, if you’re looking to stream the most recent newly released films, my first suggestion is RDXHD.

It is possible to ask that pops up in your head: RDXHD uploads all types of content that are pirated. It is “Yes” however the majority of content is built on Bollywood and Hollywood. If you’re who is from India you could reap all the benefits that come with RDXHD.


We don’t support piracy. This content concerns the safety of torrenting. While people do use pirated content, they know it’s illegal they should be warned. If you enjoy the article, do share it on your social media profiles. Also, what do you think of RDXHD? Tell us what you think regarding RDXHD in the comments section. Thanks.


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