Depp-Heard’s trial verdict is not yet reached. The jury disqualified until Tuesday


Judge Penney Azcarate dismissed jurors Friday. No verdict was rendered in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case.

Closing arguments were made earlier than usual after six weeks of testimony.

Depp was issued Heard (36) for $50,000,000 over an opinion she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018. In which she claimed that she is a public figure representing domestic abuse, Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman called it a hoax. Heard sued Depp to recover $100 million.

A jury consisting of seven members must reach a unanimous decision. The jury will decide Depp and Heard’s claims simultaneously.

Amber Heard supporters claim that they tried to support their idol.

Heard’s supporters sat on a bench while Depp fans left the Fairfax courthouse. Christina Taft from Los Angeles said that they felt helpless and outnumbered during the trial.

Taft said, “We’re trying [to give her support], cheer for her and so that she can feel safe,” adding, “We’re trying…to give her support, cheer for her, and so that she can feel safe,” and added that Heard received a small present from one her supporters through her car window.

Depp left the courthouse, but his fans stayed to say thanks.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers are also his fans. After Depp’s jury was dismissed at 5:15 p.m., a large crowd waited outside the courthouse cheering Ben Chew and other Depp lawyers.

The judge disqualifies the jury during the 3-day weekend

Judge Penney Azcarate has disqualified the jury for the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case. Deliberations will resume on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Azcarate instructed jurors not to read or research case details during holiday breaks.

She then wished the jurors peace and joy.

Viewers are invited to observe the judge’s courtroom as they await the verdict.

The jury will continue deliberations on Tuesday if they fail to reach a verdict by Friday night. Fairfax County Courthouse officials announced that spectators who had been camping overnight to get one of the 100 courtroom seats are welcome back.

“Judge Azcarate will keep 5J Courtroom open because she has a full docket of cases not related to Depp. “V. Heard,” reads an updated statement posted to the court’s website. “Depp V. Heard observers may sit in the 5J Courtroom as other cases are being heard.”

Attention Northern Virginia residents, if you have a case before Judge Azcarate next Wednesday there may be a lot of Johnny Depp fans.

Amber Heard confronted by vitriol at the courthouse

Amber Heard broke down in her last moments of testimony this week and stated that she has received many death threats since the beginning. Heard walked out of the courthouse on Friday afternoon and hundreds of people cheered, booed, and jeered.

Depp fans continue to love Depp on social media

Depp supporters sent thousands of tweets in support of him as the jury deliberated. Within an hour of closing arguments ending, #AmberHeardIsALiar and #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent trended on the social media website with more than 50,000 tweets under each hashtag.

While support for Depp has been steady through the trial it sometimes veered into the frenetic territory. Many of those fans have directed vitriolic remarks toward Heard, who has seemingly attracted fewer supporters online; earlier this month, The Post noted that while #justiceforjohnnydepp received nearly 7 billion views on TikTok, the comparable #justiceforamberheard had about 25 million.

Seth Lewis, University of Oregon’s Journalism Program Director, said to The Post that the situation was an “apotheosis of participative culture,” in which fans have an active role over officials who feel more like “avatars” than actual people.

Fans gather outside the courthouse: “Johnny’s here”

Hundreds waited in line to see Johnny Depp leave while the case was being heard by the jury. At least two women were dressed up as mermaids and several others were dressed as pirates.

Don’t forget to back it up! A cop shouted at Depp as he was about to get out of his black SUV. The back seat passenger raised his waves to elicit a mix of cheers and whoops.

A woman exclaimed after Depp’s passing, “Oh my God!” It was incredible !”

Jack Lovera (19 years old) arrived at Depp’s house in the morning, eager to help.

Lovera yelled, “Egg this man!” Lovera pointed at a man with a sign that read, “I stand up for Amber”

Lovera said, “Johnny is innocent” and quickly brushed aside Heard’s claims with his hands. Amber Heard pretends it.

He stood a few feet from Evan Torres and said that he drove from Atlanta to be outside wearing Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean costume. It included a sword, musket, and what he called a prosthetic goatee.

Torres is a 24-year-old actor who stated that he had no doubts about Depp’s character.

He said that he had to support Johnny. His character is very real.

Dan Kim (26-year-old Loudoun County resident) was the one holding the sign in support of Heard. He said that Depp had committed domestic abuse and that he felt it was important to raise awareness about the issue .”

He stated, “I want all voices to be heard.” Amber Heard supports me 100 percent.

Soon after, another “Johnny!” shout erupted from the crowd.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fans clash

Soon after the jury started deliberations, Johnny Depp fans gathered outside the courthouse to watch the actor go. One Amber Heard fan shouted, “Amber is amazing!”

The woman next to her was upset about the megaphone’s volume. When the Heard supporter tried pushing back, the crowd began to shout. But a deputy from Sheriff stopped the megaphone from moving any further.

Soon, a man dressed as a pirate started shouting into a megaphone. It was a hit with the crowd.

Jury starts deliberations

After six weeks of exhausting and frustrating testimony, the jury is now free for the closing arguments. Much of the courtroom — both defense and plaintiff — applauded Judge Penney Azcarate’s thanks.

Heard’s lawyer refutes this and asks the jury for Heard’s life back

Benjamin Rottenborn emphasized that verbal abuse, mental abuse, and domestic abuse are both domestic abuse in his six-minute response. This was false testimony, he claimed, and it contradicts expert testimony.

Rottenborn said that “if Mr. Depp was abusive toward Amber one-time in any form of abuse — verbal, emotional psychological, or sexual — then that’s it.” Rottenborn also claimed that Depp’s legal team had altered their strategy to exclude all forms “because they know that he did it.”

Rottenborn stated Depp’s countersuit against Heard was concerning. It involved allegedly defamatory remarks made about Depp to the media by Adam Waldman (one of her ex-husbands’ lawyers) and Rottenborn claimed that Waldman was Mr. Depp’s malice. Depp used defamation as part of his global campaign to humiliate his ex-wife.

“We ask you to hold Mr. Depp accountable for his actions. Stand up for domestic abuse victims all over the world, who often are left in silence.

Depp’s lawyer claimed that Heard isn’t a true survivor of sexual abuse

Heard claimed that Depp’s behavior was unusual and that it had “nothing to do with violence”. However, Camille Vasquez (Depp’s lawyer) reaffirmed his earlier argument that Heard wasn’t a true survivor.

Vasquez claimed that she was either raped using a bottle, or she would lie about it in court.

Heard was visibly moved and touched by the graphic comment.

Depp’s lawyer claims Amber Heard was a victim of lies

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez opened the team’s reply by repeating their legal strategy, calling Amber Heard a lie, and saying that Heard was caught in a web that began six years back when she filed a temporary order against Depp. Heard then claimed she would donate the entire settlement to charity.

“She’s come too far,” Vasquez said that she couldn’t stop. She has lied to too many people.

Vasquez stated that Heard’s testimony was a “performance”, and that Heard had previously disclosed details about her abuse to the media, but that she just needed to keep up her lies.

Vasquez said that her story was “a constantly moving target, it never remains unchanged” and that they had to decide the truth.

What is the heart of Heard’s case?

Heard alleges that Depp was involved in sexual and physical abuse. Heard claims that Depp engaged in a pattern of sexual and physical abuse.

Heard claimed that Depp’s comments about the media made it impossible for her to continue her career. These comments were false, she claimed.

What is the heart of Depp’s case?”

Depp’s lawyers claim Heard was abusive to them and not the other. The couple recorded several recordings in which Heard taunts and insults Depp.

Heard claimed that his claims led many people in the entertainment industry to believe that Heard was a fraud. Heard claimed that Heard lost his career and “everything.”

Adam Waldman?

Johnny Depp is represented by Adam Waldman, a D.C.-based attorney. This case is not related. Waldman was also able to give evidence via video deposition to defend his case. He refused to answer nearly every question, citing attorney-client privilege.

After the lunch break, closing arguments are concluded

Elaine Bredehoft was Heard’s lawyer and concluded closing arguments before the lunch break. Before the jury deliberations, there will be approximately 45 minutes for rebuttals.

Heard the lawyer discuss the counterclaim

Elaine Bredehoft, Amber Heard’s lawyer, addressed Heard about her counterclaim for $100,000,000. Three statements from Adam Waldman, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, prompted the counterclaim for $100 million.

Bredehoft described Depp’s suit as “psychological abuse.” He pointed out that Depp had lost an English case in 2020 in which he sued Dan Wootton for publishing a story about Depp having been a “wife-beater.”

Bredehoft stated that he was asking for a final responsibility. He had never been held responsible for any of his past actions. We ask that you hold him legally responsible and compensate Amber for the fraud he perpetrated.

Depp claimed that he didn’t know Waldman’s statements regarding the Daily Mail. Bredehoft referred to Waldman’s testimony, that he had spoken with Depp two months before their publication.

She said that Waldman’s statements are the same as Depp’s because he is the actor.

As was the case throughout the trial, the plaintiff’s lawyers repeatedly challenged Bredehoft’s statements.

Heard lawyers claim that the case involves more than the couple

Attorney Ben Rottenborn closed his closing arguments by sharing one final thought about the six-week trial’s impact after recounting Amber Heard’s abuse claims as well as Johnny Depp’s alleged substance abuse.

He stated, “This trial involves so much more than Johnny Depp’s accusations against Amber Heard.” It is important to protect it and stand up for it. Mr. Depp’s accusations against Amber are unacceptable.


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