Apple iPhone 14 long-term review: Longer-lasting & Better camera

The iPhone 14 is the first iPhone that’s been updated for over a year. It’s also the first one to have an OLED display and a glass body, which have significantly improved its appearance and feel. But how does this new phone compare to older models? And what makes it better than before? In this long-term review article, we’ll discuss all these topics so that you can decide if the iPhone 14 is right for you or not!

New & improved

The iPhone 14 is a more refined device than its predecessors. It’s got the same form factor and features as before, but that’s about where the similarities end between this year’s model and previous iterations.

The biggest change comes in how it feels when you hold it in your hand: instead of being rounded on both sides like older models, it has an angled back for better ergonomics (which makes sense if you’re holding up to one palm). This allows for more comfortable use of your fingers across all angles (even if they’re not normally used). And unlike other phones with curved screens like the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro—both released earlier this year—the iPhone 14 doesn’t feel too squished up against your face when held upright; instead, users will find themselves having fun trying out different ways to hold their phone so that they can get maximum usage out of its larger display area without feeling cramped or uncomfortable at all times throughout their day-to-day lives!

The software update comes with improvements across all aspects including performance speed boosts thanks again primarily because Apple has improved its A12 Bionic chip which powers everything inside every iPhone 14 unit sold since its launch date last year.”

Sensors + batteries

The battery life is better than before, but not by a lot. I can get through a full day of use with moderate usage and still have some battery left at the end of the day.

The sensors are also improved, although we don’t know for sure if it’s due to Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip or just regular improvements in optics (or both).

Camera quality isn’t as good as it was on previous models—but then again, there aren’t any other phones out there that have this kind of camera setup either!

Battery life

The iPhone 14 has a larger battery than previous models. It lasts longer and charges faster than the iPhone 13, and is better than most other smartphones in its class.

The iPhone XS Max gets you to 50% charge in just 30 minutes, while the XS takes 50 minutes to hit that same milestone. You can also charge your phone wirelessly with AirPods or an Apple cable—and we found both worked well when we tested them at home on our Wi-Fi network (a rarity these days).

Camera quality is better than before

The iPhone X and 8 had great cameras, but Apple has upped the ante with this new model.

The iPhone X was a solid performer, but it lacked optical image stabilization (OIS) and an autofocus feature. This meant that even though the photos were crisp and clear, they often came out blurry because of shaky hands or other factors outside your control. The new 4-inch LCD display offers an improved resolution over previous models—2x more pixels per inch than previous iPhones—which should make your images sharper than ever before!

Apple’s iPhone 14 will continue to be an excellent phone even after a year of use.

Apple’s iPhone 14 is a great phone, and the best value you can get.

It’s true that there are some flaws in this device: it has an average battery life, it doesn’t have any wireless charging capabilities (or even support for Qi), and the camera isn’t as good as other high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Google Pixel 3 XL. However, none of these issues are deal breakers for most users who want a new iPhone every year—and in fact, may make you more likely to upgrade later on! Check it also mystalk


Overall, the iPhone 14 is a great phone. It’s easy to use, has plenty of power and storage, and comes with all kinds of cool features. I also love how Apple keeps improving its products over time! If you’re looking for a new phone that can last for years without any problems then this could be one worth checking out.

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