Apple iMac Pro i7 4k Review: Price & Specifications

The Apple iMac Pro is a powerhouse workstation. It’s powerful enough to handle 4K video editing and rendering, high-end game development, and other demanding tasks. But it doesn’t come cheap: This is the most expensive Mac ever sold by Apple. Is it worth the money? Here’s our full review of the new iMac Pro!


The iMac Pro is a powerful, professional desktop computer that can be used for both personal and business purposes. This device was designed to be the best of both worlds: it’s capable of doing everything you need your computer to do as well as being able to stand up against other high-end workstations in its price range.

The iMac Pro comes with an Intel Xeon W processor, which means it will run any software you throw at it without any lag or slowdown issues whatsoever — even if you have multiple programs open at once! The machine also features 16GB RAM (upgradable to 64GB), 2TB SSD storage (upgradable to 3TB), 4K UHD display resolution (3840×2160), and much more! If that isn’t enough power for your needs then consider adding an NVIDIA Titan V GPU card to this system too!


The iMac Pro has a 27″ screen with a 5120 x 2880 resolution. The screen is covered in the same glass as the iPhone X, and it uses Apple’s True Tone technology to adjust its color temperature based on your surroundings. It also comes with an adjustable stand that can be adjusted up or down depending on how you want to use your computer.

The display curves around towards both sides of its body, which means you don’t have to worry about getting reflections off of any surfaces nearby–like when you’re working on something like Photoshop or Illustrator at home where there are lots of windows around you!


The iMac Pro is a powerful machine and it’s not hard to see why. The combination of 8-core Xeon processors, up to 18 cores with Hyper-Threading, and up to 384 GB of RAM means that the iMac Pro can handle almost any task you throw at it. Even if you’re an advanced user who relies on applications like Adobe Lightroom or AutoCAD, this machine will run them smoothly.

The GPU in the iMac Pro is fast too; it offers 4K resolution at 60Hz (FPS) or higher when playing games or watching videos without issues. It also supports HDR10 so your television can get better color accuracy from movies and TV shows than ever before! On top of all this power comes minimal heat generation–the same kind found in laptops but not desktop computers–so even if you’re streaming video all day long without pause then there’s no sweatiness coming off your wrists when they hit down onto their keyboards afterward!

Features and Specs

Apple’s iMac Pro is one of the most powerful computers on the market. It features an 8-core Intel Xeon W processor, 64GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory, and 2TB SSD storage. The iMac Pro also has a 1TB Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics card with 16GB of HBM2 memory for VR gaming experiences or other applications that require ultra-high resolution displays.

Value for Money

The Apple iMac Pro is a solid investment. The price tag may be high, but it’s also worth every penny if you plan on using your Mac for professional work or want to do some serious gaming.

The value of this machine lies in its ease of use and software–it’s easy to get started with an app like Adobe CC, which has been updated for compatibility with the iMac Pro. If you’re looking for something more advanced than Photoshop or Lightroom (or even Lightroom Classic), then there are plenty of options out there that allow users to create beautiful images without any special training or knowledge.

The Apple iMac Pro is a powerhouse workstation.

The Apple iMac Pro is a powerhouse workstation. It can be used for 3D modeling, video editing, and other demanding tasks. It’s also versatile enough to handle gaming or virtual reality applications.

The most notable difference between the iMac Pro and its predecessors is its extreme power–the 6-core processor has 18 billion transistors packed into its tiny frame; it’s capable of running at up to 4 GHz on all cores simultaneously with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 (turbo boost technology automatically increases clock speed when needed), which means you’ll get better performance than any other computer out there today!


The Apple iMac Pro is a powerhouse workstation. The new processor and dedicated GPU give it a huge performance boost over previous models, with plenty of rams to keep you working for days. The design is sleek and elegant, whilst still being simple enough for beginners to use. All in all, this is one of the best all-in-one PCs on the market today – if not THE best!

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