7 Ways an Escape Room Activity Will Help Your Child Achieve Advanced Mental Growth

Amidst the various activities emerging in the entertainment and tech industry, escape rooms are among the most popular concepts that have led to a significant cultural reset. More people are coming forward to experience the fun and enjoy it with their family and friends. And with the current craze of participating in immersive actions that explore out-of-the-box ideas among teenagers and the youth, the word of these escape rooms is spreading like wildfire. 

The games of these breakout rooms are live-action events where you willingly get locked inside a uniquely themed room that you get to choose by yourself. You have limited time on your hand (usually 60-minutes), and in that period, you have to solve the puzzles, complete challenges, and find answers to various riddles hidden in the room. You have a team to work with, and if you can find the answer to the locks, you are victorious and earn your freedom out of the escape room. 

Initially, these games took inspiration from escape-the-game scenarios where you had to hack your grey matter and get out of the sticky situation the game put you in. But with time, the concept expanded, and as a result, we have hundreds of escape rooms in many countries that explore different plots and puzzles to engage their audience. Escape rooms in Bangalore, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Palm Springs, etc., are only some of the many examples.   

Escape rooms and children 

With time, these escape rooms also become a great source of motivation for learning soft skills and improving our assets in various areas. Also, since these games are family-friendly, they are especially beneficial for helping the kids get away from smartphones and do something physical with their family or friends. And with the children getting good exposure to riddles, puzzles, and clues, they will be able to improve their cognitive thinking ability and develop a sharper mind. 



 To further highlight and expand on this topic, here are the 7-ways that discuss how an escape room activity helps your child achieve advanced mental growth: 

  • Enhances problem-solving skills 

The young age of 7-15 is when a child begins to learn the concepts of this world through their curious minds. Their way of perceiving things can further be increased and given the right direction by providing them with puzzles and riddles that will help them use their brain and find answers. 

And the unique and mind-boggling puzzles of an escape room allow them to get the best of their cognitive and emotional intelligence by understanding how to approach a problem and in what possible ways they can find immediate and reliable solutions. In this way, they will successfully develop good problem-solving skills and emerge as responsible and reliable adults in the future.  

  • Develops their precision and attention 

A vital aspect of escape rooms is to stay alert throughout the activity to discover hidden clues and secret messages. If you lose your presence of mind or don’t pay attention properly, you will end up losing many valuable hints that are tucked safely in the objects and props of the room. By letting your kids participate in an escape room activity, you can help them explore with their minds open. 

In the game, they will learn to look for the minutest details and anything similar to a clue in various objects for finding answers to the challenges imposed on them. It will fuel their curiosity and help them develop a knack for paying attention to small details and focusing on precision. And this ability will help them become achievers in their lives.  

  • Teaches Time management 

The clock keeps running away in escape rooms. And you have to find the answer within the limited time to earn your escape. In this constrained period, your child will also learn to manage their time in a better way. They will learn how to collect clues in the stipulated time from the solved riddles and simultaneously approach and decode the unread puzzles. And in this way, they will realize the importance of time and how to efficiently manage their tasks by distributing them and not wasting any moment.  

  • Boosts teamwork and communication 

Communication is a significant element of teamwork. The key to working together and functioning as one unit requires a good interaction between every group member. And while working in a team in an escape room game, your kids will learn to trust other people in their group and work with them to find clues and discover answers. They will slowly get rid of their awkwardness and become confident in interacting with everyone in the group. 

You will soon find that your child has started to lead the group and is openly planning what they should do next to win the game. The concept of teamwork and communication will become easy to comprehend as they will discover how to work in a real-life fictional situation with people of different ages. And it will mentally prepare them to convey their emotions in a hassle-free manner in front of others in the future. They will also become leaders of crucial projects in schools. And when they grow up, their communication skills will help them become good orators and presenters.  

  • A memory enhancer 

The puzzles and games of the escape rooms follow a pattern where you have to rely on your memory to decode them. Sometimes you have to go back to a clue for combining your results with a hint that you have found on another level. You also have to keep track of what’s not needed and what information you have discovered till now. 

Challenges like these will allow your children to stay alert and use their grey matter to store the details in their minds for future reference. The thought-provoking setting will also instill in them the art of inquiring and thinking to find solutions on the spot. And with so much practice and practical learning, you can expect to see your child become a master at memory retention in real life.  

  • Nurtures the aptitude for creativity 

The distinct and mentally enhancing puzzles of the escape rooms require creative thinking for solving. The overall themes and environment will compel your child to participate and find unique solutions and answers to the problems presented. They will eventually find themselves enjoying the tricky and what-if riddles that are open to different conclusions. And this aptitude will give them the knack to see through several challenges and utilize creativity to emerge victoriously in their lives.  

  • Elevates their emotional levels and mood 

Everything is available online now due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic. As a result, our children have become excessively dependent on gadgets and the internet to get all their work done. It is hampering their mental energy and slowly isolating them from the physical world. 

But if you take your kids to an escape room, they will be able to de-stress and feel refreshed by playing in an immersive and theatrical experience game room. The thrilling atmosphere will also allow them to embrace the joy of physical activities, interacting with their close ones, and learning new skills. As a result, there will be a significant elevation in their emotional levels and mood, and you will find them happier and sportier than before.  

Concluding words 

Escape rooms are a better alternative to video games and online social media apps. They have plenty of healthy and educative themes and elements that will help your children embrace the concept of problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and creativity. By indulging in these family-friendly and non-addictive games, they will slowly escape from the clutches of laziness and dependence on technology. 

Since their adolescence and pre-teen minds are on the way to developing and learning, your duty as a parent is to help them explore the best activities for letting them dream and grow as an individual. 

Kids with sharper minds and thinking abilities turn out to become kinder and more successful people in their lives. And since escape rooms are similar to mental gyms, they will further enhance your kid’s imagination and originality which will eventually let them achieve advanced mental growth.

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