4 Ways to Reduce Compliance Risks in 2023

In the year 2023, we’re going to see a huge shift in how companies operate. The rise of AI and machine learning will mean that technology has taken over many of our jobs, but not all. Compliance is one area where humans still have an edge over computers—and it’s also one that could be disrupted by either side if they start getting too much attention from regulators or customers alike. Here are four ways you can reduce compliance risks in 2023:

1. Automate manual processes

Automation can help reduce the chance of human error and speed up processes, which is great if you’re looking to reduce compliance risks in 2023. For example, if you have a manual process for filing taxes with a tax software provider like Intuit Online Tax Service (OTSS), use that opportunity to implement an automated version of this same process as well. This will allow your employees to focus on other tasks while also reducing costs with less overhead costs associated with having people manually file tax returns every year or so—and it also gives them more time off during tax season!

2. Use automated checks to make sure rules are followed

In order to reduce compliance risks, you need to use automated checks to make sure that your company’s employees are following all of the rules and regulations. This will help you avoid any possible fines or penalties that may be imposed on your business by regulators, governments, or other organizations. You can also use AI tools like machine learning algorithms (MLAs) as they can improve compliance monitoring significantly in this regard by analyzing data from multiple sources at once and making decisions about what should be done next based on those results.

3. Use machine learning and AI to improve compliance monitoring

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automate compliance checks, monitor compliance with regulations, prevent compliance failures, improve monitoring of regulated activities, and detect and report violations.

4. Keep your business data safe and secure with encryption

Encryption is a method of protecting data. Data encryption is a process of converting information or data into code that is unreadable to anyone except those who have the decryption key.

Encryption can be used in two different ways: at rest and in transit. At rest, you encrypt your database before sending it to another party; when you receive the encrypted database back from them, they will have access only to their own copy of it (they cannot see yours). This type of encryption allows for better security by keeping sensitive information out of sight until needed for processing purposes only.

In transit, however, encryption is required because someone could intercept any communication between computers or applications over networks if they weren’t using proper protocols like SSL/TLS or SSH tunnels


In this age of data breaches and hacks, it’s more important than ever to keep your business data safe and secure. To do that, you need an encryption solution that can help you protect sensitive information from being stolen or exposed. If a hacker gets access to your computer system, they’ll be able to see everything on it—including the passwords you use to access those systems.

In order for companies like yours (and especially smaller ones) who may not have the resources necessary for IT staff at all times in order for their staff members’ workflows are always monitored properly by professionals who know exactly what steps need to be taken before any type of breach occurs within their organization(s).


The way you handle compliance is key to the success of your business, so make sure to use technology in the best way possible. By automating manual processes and using automated checks to make sure rules are followed, you can reduce your risk of fines and penalties from regulators. By using AI tools like machine learning and AI, you can improve compliance monitoring by identifying patterns that might not be obvious on their own but could help prevent a violation before it happens. Finally, if you’re worried about keeping your data safe from hackers or other digital threats then encryption will provide peace of mind knowing your information is secure at all times!

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